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Top 20 things one MUST do to become an awesome writer!

Just sharing great information with my fellow writers! Top twenty things one MUST do to become an awesome writer in no particular order as long as you're actively working on all twenty :) 1.       Become an active blogger (don’t have a blog, start one now!). 2.       Use self-imposed word count per hour, per day. 3.       Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from it. 4.       Edit, edit, and edit again. 5.       Live passionately! 6.       Write without distractions (and yes, that means no Internet). 7.       Listen to how people talk. 8.       Read lots of books, both good and bad. 9.       Avoid passive voice. 10.   Limit the use of adjectives and adverbs. 11.   Make writing a priority. 12.   Keep squeezing words out even if you feel uninspired. 13.   Tell everyone: “I’m a writer.” 14.   Recognize your fears and overcome them. 15.   Join a writing group. 16.   Break out of your comfort zone. 17.   Deconstruct and analyze books a

I know what you are, but what am I? Erotica, Sensual Romance, Smexy??

Okay, so we write smut, that much is a given, but do you ever find yourself asking "Okay, so I write romance, but in what category does my writing really fall under?" Well here's my quick and dirty rendition of some of the most popular sub-genres in modern day romance. I know some of you will disagree with these descriptions, but IMO these are pretty much on the money. Erotica Erotica contains minimal if any emotional attachments between the leading characters. Erotica is also sexually explicit (language) and the plot is driven by the sexual relationship/s. The sex in erotica can also take on different aspects, including dominance, bondage, voyeurism, poly-amorous relationships, and so forth. The story may/may not have HEA for the characters and if the story does include HEA it might not be in the traditional romance sense. Erotic Romance Erotic romance exists when the story line contains a love story. Erotic romance is romantic just as it is sexually explicit. In