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This week I was given the following three sentences to use for a story: - there are 5 emergency $100 bills in my closet - for a plane ticket to Chicago - the day you say 'let's get back in touch' Below is what I wrote: Aimee logged off her computer that evening, with a heavier sense of guilt than anticipated – as she lower the screen of the laptop to close it, she silently repeated the last sentence her sister, Laurie had managed to type in her brief instant message: “Let’s get back in touch”…such simple words, such an uncomplicated statement, yet it troubled her. Did it trouble her because she was trying too fixedly to read into what Laurie had meant? , or did it trouble her because she knew that Laurie had meant for the question to cause her anxiety? Was Laurie plainly stating that they were NOT in touch? Why did she always make it a point to read more into what people said? She was tired, mentally that is…the first time in a long time that she felt mentally exhausted

Rising to the challenge

Hello fellow bloggers, this challenge is not a b-i-g stretch for me, after all I do enjoy writing, but for someone who has not consistently written for the past two years regaining some of my inspiration will prove to be the challenging aspect. So, my first thoughts were…what do I write about? A lot of people say you should write about the things you know, things you can talk about first hand. So then the next logical question is what subject do I stick to: my family?, my friends?, my job?, my co-workers?, my neighbors? Which one is safer? Should I try to be safe? That would be SO me…playing it safe. My manager told me that one time, “You need to stop playing it safe”. Does playing it safe have different meaning to different people? I don’t know, but sure as I know myself I will step out of my comfort zone. Happy New Year!

America's Favorite Pastime

Hellow fellow bloggers, My work day is almost coming to an end and I'll be heading out shortly. As I thought over my schedule for the everning (gym was last night) really only one thing came to mind - what is that you ask? Well America's favorite past time - watching TV, of course. You know there was a point in time, when I was proud to say that I watched very little TV, and at the time it was mainly the news, but in recent times, I find myself spending more and more time in front of the "bube tube" (is that the correct spelling?). Granted most of what I watch is the Discovery & History Channel, but I still feel guilty in some ways... Should I resolve to watch less TV or feel less guilty? :D Good night!
Welcome to my blog site! I'm excited to be able to share thoughts and ideas with friends and family. I want to make 2010 the year that I do 'something' with my writing. Yes, that sounds vague, but I want to take some sort of action, whether that means upkeeping this site, joining a writing club, heading a club or all of the above. Give me a shout out if you pass by! Thanks, Maria