Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Elevator Ride >>> a short erotic romance story - Part 7 of 7

The Elevator Ride - a short story which was originally published in 2014 - has been converted it into a 7-part series. Today's installment is the last in this 7-part series.

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**Disclaimer: This blog post contains adult language and content. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 and may not be suitable for all adult readers. View at your own discretion.**

Rex didn’t respond. This was dangerous territory. “I don’t have a condom.”

“Rex, honey, I’m past baby-making years, so don’t worry.”

Rex knew that in addition to the threat of unwanted pregnancy, STDs were also a risk, but at that moment all he wanted to do was fuck her brains out and bust a nut like no other. Consequences be damned.

Mona raised one foot to the railing, opening herself to him. With her small hand, she guided his cock to her pussy, urging him to take her. Rex shoved her thong out of the way and slid his throbbing dick inside with one violent thrust, stretching her.


“Is that good?”

“Yes” Mona breathed.

“Doesn’t sound too convincing.” Rex drove into her forcefully. “How about now?”


Mona moved up and down slowly riding him as every inch of his tool rippled inside her.  

“Harder!” she cried.

Body slapped against body and time slowed down. Space closed in and Rex’s mind went blank just as a jolt of electricity coursed through his body.

“Spill your cream inside me” she urged.

Rex shoved further into her than he thought possible. He uttered a curse and a cry in some primitive language.

She gasped for air. “Oh God…I’m coming!” She threw her head back, mouth open, and screamed his name.

When they had both recovered and redressed Mona suggested, “When we get the hell off this elevator, how about we retire to my suite and order in?” She asked wickedly. “You know, pick up where we just left off?”

Rex considered Aimee for an instant and felt slightly guilty. She’s not much of a girlfriend if she’s got you suffering, blue balls all! “So,” a sly smile tipped his lips, “What’s on the menu?”

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