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End of summer blues...or not

E ach season brings forth its own charm. As autumn draws near and leaves turn a shade of copper thoughts of cooler nights and pumpkin-spiced everything emerge.  Personally, I'm excited for this end of year as I will be attending the New Jersey RWA conference in October and in November I will join fellow writers for NaNoWriMo. Also, as 2018 winds down I'm equally as excited to take stock of my writing goals and this year I’ve reached a few milestones.  In January when I formed an Accountability Partner (AP) relationship with author JN Welsh we were both seeking a ‘partner’ to keep us honest and on track.  I’ll say that this AP relationship worked out very well for us as we were both deadest on attaining several important goals. So we both made a commitment to be each other; and by commit, I mean we made it a point to meet on a regular basis, weekly, monthly, whatever time we managed to carve out of our hectic schedules. The point of an AP is for that person to be a