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Fiddling my thumbs...NOT! :)

Family/Friends, With the Snowed In - 2nd Edition MS still in revision, I've had time to catch up this last week with other pressing items, reviewed a story for a fellow romance writer, wrote up my monthly Social Media Corner article for the PWC Newsletter, helping the PWC board with website revisions, wrote up two guest posts for other blogs and of course daily reading and writing. Talking about reading and writing, my reading challenge has been going well as I've already met my one romance book a month quota last week. As far as my writing, the 1K word a day challenge went well the first week, but then with so much editing it became very difficult to do both edit endlessly and write (to meet my self-imposed quota). I will, however, resume my1K word a day challenge on 9/1. On a side note, I'll tell you that after attending an online workshop for romance writing plots just yesterday I'm psyched for my next project so be on the look out for that :-) Well folks, t

Reprieve for my Manuscript.

Family/Friends, Update to my Snowed In 2nd Edition , MS that was due to IRN on 8/10, I've been given an extension (YES!). So, I will be furiously working toward a polished copy to send in the next 1-2 weeks. As for my writing challenge, I've missed two days this week and about the reading, I've actually caught up.  I've finished two books, a paperback type (downloaded to my Nook) and a short story that I offer to read and critique for a fellow writer. I want to say congratulations to Tonya Kinzer, fellow Romance Writer who won a copy of my Snowed In 1st Edition  eBook via the  Brenda & Steve Blog where I was interviewed recently. That's all for now folks. Take care and until next time! Maria


Family/Friends, The first week of my writing challenge went well as I met my 1K word quota everyday.  As far as the reading challenge is concerned I'm lagging a bit, but I'll catch up this week. As it pertains to other challenges is finding the time to do promotions amongst they myriad of other commitments I have. Facebook and Twitter thankfully are great when it comes to disseminating information about promotions and book releases. As such, I'm using these two mediums exclusively. I'll tell you guys that another effective way of promoting has been online interviews, links which I've already shared. That said, I will be forwarding a new interview link tomorrow :-) Well that's all I have for now folks. Be well and until next time! Maria