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Serious vs. not so serious WRITERS

A popular school of thought about writers is that if you're not consumed by a burning desire to write every day or if writing is not a major driving force in your life then you must not be very serious about your craft. I think once we subscribe to the notion that we should be  somewhere  with our writing careers when we're not there (wherever 'there' is) then we simply blame ourselves for not being serious about writing. Because, if we really wanted to be a writer more than anything else in the world, then we’d write every day, we'd crank out pages, and we'd be much further along with our novel, right? Listen, let's face it, most of us are ordinary people we are parents, spouses, employees, and homemakers. We have lives and several passions in addition to writing at that. What's important overall (than keeping a calendar date for writing) is to keep your passion for writing alive, don't let the everyday mundane burn out your writer's