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Author Spotlight >>>Shari Broyer

Shari Broyer writes in many genres and indie-publishes her works via Amazon KDP. Her short Inspirational Christmas story— Jesus on a Park Bench —published 12-24-12, is a long-running Amazon Inspirational bestseller. Besides authoring her own works; Shari is a professional manuscript editor who also helps others publish their works via Amazon KDP. Shari does it all: editing, formatting, and cover art. She is constantly honing her craft/s as an author, editor, producer and even cover designer. In 2017, an email from a friend in California led Shari to the small, but artsy town of Ajo, Arizona, where she bought a cute little house, one that she shares with “Baby”, her adopted ten-year-old cat. Shari loves Ajo. For such a tiny, seemingly “nowhere and nothing” place, Ajo is happening! Art shows, music concerts, fabulous food, fun and friends! How long have you been writing? More years than I want to admit! But really, ever since I could hold a pencil. I wrote a “Goodby krewel world!”