Wednesday, June 9, 2021

NYC: Life after a pandemic

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Hello friends,

New York City is trying desperately to go back to normal, but in a city of 10 million people back to normal isn't an easy feat.

The transmission rate has decreased and if more people get vaccinated - particularly NYC - the governor will lift all remaining restrictions, and how wonderful it'd be to have our city back? To see Broadway lit up again? To see Times Square bustling with tourists (yeah, I did just say that)? 

I am encouraged to know that soon New York will be back to its formal glory, though to be honest, I'll miss the quieter streets and subways, lol!

I hope that wherever you call home, you feel safe and encouraged, as well.

Be well!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Earth Day! 2021 Theme: Restore Our Earth

Photo by Artem Podrez


Climate change, pollution, water scarcity; these are just a few issues we face today as a society. 

Below is a list of simple things we can do to celebrate Earth Day on a daily basis:

  • Swap light bulbs
  • Plant a tree
  • Carry your own water bottle
  • Switch to eco-friendly cleaning materials
  • Bike-to-work or carpool

Happy Earth Day!

Maria Cox

Monday, March 8, 2021

A Tribute to the Women in my Life

Hello friends, 

On International Women’s Day we celebrate women who have made notable contributions to the betterment of society, locally and globally.  

On a personal note, I want to pay tribute to the women in my life who helped shape who I am as an individual and who I am as a professional person. Take my mother, a strong-willed, proud woman, she always instilled in us (my sisters and I), good work ethics: be present, work hard, and do the best job you can, whatever your trade. My daughter – an ambitious and successful young woman – has in recent years served as a professional coach (what a proud moment!). And of course my youngest sister, a senior manager, herself, has been a mentor in many ways. 

I'm not only fortunate, but blessed to have had strong female role models in my life.

Who do you honor today?