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My Group Discussion Club

The last couple of months I’ve been busy keeping up with the reading schedule for my Book Club. This Book Club is one that I run out of my house twice a month. The group is comprised of a handful of friends who were interested in regaining the love for reading. As for me, I had several reasons for wanting to institute, mainly to do with enriching my vocabulary and giving me a more educated idea of what type of material sells in today’s market. The first book was my pick and it was Blood Sins by Kate Hooper (New York Times Bestseller), and odd pick but not bad first read. The second book, we selected as a group and it was chosen with the intent that we would watch the movie at the conclusion of the book – it is The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffennegger (National Bestseller). We all finished the book this past weekend and although the book was brilliantly written the ending left me baffled. I am disappointed to say the least, I know the group feels the same way. So, I ask m