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Family/Friends, As another year is upon us, I want to wish us all much prosperity and happiness. I hope that 2012 marks a successful year for all our endeavors. Stay safe!

I am finally online!

Family and friends - I have finally published my site . This is the culmination of almost three years worth of work, I'm happy and nervous all in one. This will be the start of my professional writing career! Maria :-)

Thrity-two Today...

It was a cold winter day when my family arrived at JFK Airport on December 14, 1979. We were finally to start our new life in the United States of America. I have many fonds memories of my early childhood days growing up in Chile and although I do long to visit my birthplace again, I am thankful to live here. In becoming an adult I realized that my parents had a vision for my siblings and I, they wanted us to have the best possible chances at a prosperous future. America has many faults and flaws, we are far from a perfect. And if there are other places doing things better than we are then we may want to learn from them, tweak our own shortcomings. All in all though, I am happy to be here and happy to be an American. To the next thirty-two years! Maria

On the Eve...

I'm ecstatic to announce that my Writer's site ( ) will be 'live' tomorrow. I am SO thrilled! If you recall, it was approximately two years ago that I initiated this blog. At the time, I had also instituted my Book Club. It was then that I made a commitment to write as often as possible, my dedication will soon bear fruit... I estimate that early 2012 will be quite busy for me as I will be working on a couple of short story submissions along with another major project. On February 14, 2012, Arizona will be celebrating its centennial, this is an exciting historical milestone. As a result of Arizona's induction to statehood several cities within Arizona followed suit to incorporate shorlty thereafter. I have been approached by a local community agency to work on a project that will document the founding of the City of Chandler as an official city in Arizona. I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to read my blogs. It certainly has helped to