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Spark 3

This week's topic >> Your own peaceful death. Not in a bed. I imagine the thought must cross everyone’s mind at some point, you know…the thought of your own death. That eminent moment on a remote distant future (at least we hope that it is) when our bodily, physical existence will cease. And I say our bodily, physical existence because I believe the soul lives on. As we all know just by watching the news, that for some people this moment may come too soon, too late, or too violently. Yet for others it’ll come not a moment too soon. I ask myself, is it possible for death to be a festive affair? Is it possible to contemplate death as a joyous, momentous occasion? Is it possible for one to experience a sense euphoria or exhilaration at the thought of death? Sure the topic may be morbid in nature and it may even stir up unsettling feelings, yet it is no less authentic than one’s birth. While I cannot bring myself to write my ‘own peaceful death’ I do wonder…you know, about the