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Hello Friends! It's been well over a year since my last posting. I'm happy to report that during this time, I have dedicated a lot of my free time, to reading and writing. My book club has grown by two new members and we still meet twice a month. During the summer we read the book The Help, and then had the opportunity to see the actual motion picture as a group. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the movie I felt the book was far better - isn't it always? Recently, I rented the movie The Lincoln Lawyer, which was based on the novel written by Michael Connelly. I enjoyed the plot so much that the book club decided to make our next book one written by him. If anyone has suggestions for a good title by Michael Connelly, please drop me a line. In closing I'd like to report that I am about 70% complete with my first book. I hope to be able to publish in e-Book format in the next 12 months. Until next well!