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Internet Radio - You're on The Air!

Family/friends, I'm excited to report that today I initiated my first Internet Radio Talk Show.  Two individuals excluding myself were on the air and we tested functionalities and the like.  For the time being, the show will remain in BETA mode until the beginning of June when I will have my 'official' First Show. From then on in, the show will air on a monthly basis as a regularly scheduled program. Please stay tuned to further details by logging onto my website at . That''s all for now. Be well! Maria

The Golden Era of Flash Fiction

Family/Friends, Just this week I read an online article that talked about flash/micro fiction. I get excited about this genre of writing because it's what I've been doing for over ten years except that back then there wasn't a label for it other than a 'bunch of unfinished work' :-) The article went on to say that in Japan flash/micro fiction is very popular as people download quick one page stories to their mobile devices while other writers allow chapters to be delivered in the same manner on a daily basis.  I find this absolutely fascinating and consequently it inspires me to continue to writing in flash fiction format.  It is what I like and what I prefer and now that there are more people than ever who enjoy it and embrace it, the sky is the limit!! Well, that's all for now.  Be well and until next time! Maria

4/22 is Earth Day!

Family/Friends, Have you heard of six-word essays or flash fiction? It's a unique genre of writing that focuses on sharing a meaningful story of idea in just six words.  The idea of very short stories and flash fiction began before the digital age, but has begun to thrive recently as people share their stories via social networks. Here are a few six-word essays that folks posted online: Many nations. One planet. Out Home - by Jessica Healthier families, cleaner communities, stronger America - By Lisa Breathe; A moment in nature. Breathe! - By Danny Our only. Our one. Home planet. - By Jeanethe Don't forget to do your part to make our planet a greener world.  Here's a link to things you can do every day: Take are and until next time! Maria

Time for Spring Cleaning - BLAH!

Family/Friends, The back patio is dusty, the yard looks like a jungle and the weeds are sprouting everywhere, and then there's the inside cleaning of course, the carpet have to be steamed and the fans cleaned, pheww...I'm tired just thinking of all the work ahead :-/ For those of us in Phoenix, we are extremely lucky (sarcastic) to be hitting the 100 degree mark over the weekend. On the upswing of things, it's dry heat and we have central air :-) That's all for now folks. Take care and be well! Maria

Secret Cravings Publishing - 2nd Half of My Story

Family/Friends, I have been contending with starting the second half of my story for a while. I may add that Secret Publishigs requested it at he end of February. For a few weeks now, I chucked my procrastination to lack of inspiration, but the truth is much more deep rooted - I'm just afraid; yes, afraid of what the finish product will yield. Last night, however, I decided to push forward and finally finish the story (Love: Hollywood Style) which I hope to submit to Secret Cravings Publishing by 5/1, God willing. There I said it! For those of you following my stories on you've already read the vanilla adaptation of the first half, the pulbished copy will be much 'juicier'. Take care and until next time!

American Lung Association Walk in Phoenix

Today was the first time in nearly nine months that I took part in a community event.  It not only felt good to do this walk in support of those suffering from lung associated illnesses, but it also felt good for my own health. Although I'm far from a couch potato or a sedentary person, I am guilty of ignoring important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as daily cardio, water consumption, taking vitamins, etc.  Going forward however, I will be reincorporating the items listed to my daily routine, I think it's important that we treat our bodies with care and respect so that we may live long and healthy lives. In closing, I encourage every single one of write down your own personal health and fitness goals.  See you at the Finish Line! :-) Take care and be well! Maria

Back in Phoenix!

Finally back home and back to my daily routine. Time to get back to the business of writing and promoting. That said, please take the time to visit for details on my first blogging contest of 2012 to start on 4/30 - there will be prizes. Also, be sure to stop by my YouTube channel from time to time to keep up with my latest escapades. That's all for now folks - take care and be well! PS: hope you guys like the new blogspot layout :-)