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No Risk, No Reward

Risk is a four-letter word that makes so many of us cringe. But, why? Why do some of us wince and shy away at the thought of taking risks? Or best yet, why do some of us downright fear it? In my opinion it all boils down to one thing: comfort zone. The average American is complacent and would opt to play it safe more times than not. The ordinary is less taxing. I should know it was six years ago I was still very afraid of taking chances. Listen, I’m not going to sugar coat it, taking risks is frightening, this is when we need to recondition ourselves. We need not fear risk; we need to see risk as an opportunity to grow. “… the moment I let risk in, the world became a very easy place to navigate. People who are impossible became easier to deal with. Things began to land at my feet (door, mailbox). This sounds somewhat corny and solipsistic but it’s not. It’s just that when we use risk at the most optimum level in our writing, it filters into all else. Then the real world seems