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Confidence, done right!

Confidence is the new sexy. In the last couple of weeks I spent time doing research for a new project geared toward women and happen to come across a few interesting articles on the topic of aging and self-esteem. Interesting fact: national polls indicate that people over 50 make up 34% (2014 data) of the U.S. population, and numbers are expected to rise significantly over the next ten to fifteen years. In reading several articles, a theme emerged, a theme that resonated with me as a mature woman (and I’m certain it does with women of all ages as well): confidence . What does confidence mean for women of a certain age? Here are a few points to consider: Confidence is sexy Confidence isn’t restricted to a specific age group Confidence is not a trend, so it will never go out of style. I want us to keep in mind that confidence exudes a type of sexy that speaks for itself. Remember, confidence is the sexiest accessory you can ever have no matter what age, and guess what, it’s free