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Your Brain on Writing

I’m restless by nature. And, when not writing, I tend to be anxious. Why is that? Because a writer’s brain is seldom at rest. Take this for example, while in line at the supermarket, or at the nail salon, or even while on a crowded subway I’m constantly watching people. In my mind, I have shamelessly flirted with good looking men on the train. Does that make me a bit of freak? Maybe. Or maybe, I could simply call this behavior practice . Look some of the bestselling authors out there have imaginary foes and friends. Many great novelists –in fact – have spent years developing relationships with make-believe pals. It’s no coincidence then that some books can captivate and fascinate thousands of people. This writing acumen doesn’t happen by chance, this acumen is perfected over many years of researching, observing, mimicking… practicing . In my case my vivid imagination has produced several sexy novellas. From scorching love affairs to salacious office liaisons, my short stories