Monday, June 24, 2013

Stop procrastinating! There isn't a perfect time to start writing.

“There isn't a perfect time to start writing.”

Have you ever heard this statement before? I’m sure you have, in fact most writers have heard it before. Perfect timing is elusive and can hardly be anticipated.

When I look back, I realize that my writing journey led me to many opportunities, yet I passed them up because I was too busy designing my life, thinking I had to find the proper time to write. The truth is that we can write at any time. Even if you have a day job, children, or even volunteer if you budget it right you can still find time to write each day. Whether it is writing a paragraph, a page, or ten pages, you can write.

If you've considered holding off writing until your child starts school, or until your daughter graduates from middle school, or until your son heads off to college you will find that there will always be situations that will prompt you to postpone writing.

Now, if you suddenly find yourself pondering about all the things you neglected to take advantage of, stop! You are still on your journey. Life is an ongoing series of tests and you’ll find many chances for trial and error along the way. If you’re stalling, pick up a pen open a blank page and fill up the empty space with words. Just do it!

We humans are notorious for being procrastinators; this is pretty much a fact. What we need to realize is that what separates successful people from those who aren't is that those who succeed are non-procrastinators. See, non-procrastinators don’t just sit back and wait until everything is just right; they decide to take action and go for it.

So go ahead and take a leap. You might get bruised and possibly land flat on your face and that’d fine. The trick is to get up and try again, only that time with more determination, more enthusiasm and greater skills.

Happy writing friends!

Thank you to for the inspiration.

Until next time...Maria