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The Golden Era of Flash Fiction!

Flash fiction has been around for many years (reportedly since the early 1990’s), but has become increasingly prevalent in the literary community in the last five to seven years. Once regarded as ‘lazy’ work flash fiction is now considered quite the opposite: intellectually challenging storytelling. So big in popularity is this flash fiction that in modern day, dozens of literary publications (both print and online) have shifted their focus to include flash fiction and in many cases exclusively feature works in flash fiction format. Note : other names for flash fiction are short-shorts, short story, micro fiction, novelette, postcard, pocket-size story, and minute-long story. What is flash fiction? Flash fiction is a short form of storytelling defined by the number of words and/or sentences, which of course differ from writer to writer. All in all, flash fiction is any writing material more than 75 words up to 1,500 words, some flash fiction writers stretch the limit as f

Support Your Fellow Indie Writers!

Writing takes a lot of time and dedication. Have I enlightened anyone yet? Yes, I’m being facetious. I’m sure all writers, new and seasoned alike, know painfully well just how much time and dedication it does take to write cohesively. If you’re a writer through and through chances are you will spend a lot of time, no, make that a great deal of time writing, editing, rewriting, and just plain obsessing over every little word and if you’re anything like me, you’ll even have nightmares about run-on sentences :) Okay so writing takes effort, and writing is not a bowl of cherries or a walk in the park, we get that, but what are you really getting at? Indie support. Indie support? ? Let me explain… Most indie (independent) authors have chosen an alternate path to publishing, that is self-publishing. And while self-publishing leveled the playing field by giving new authors opportunities to get their books in front of potential readers, the trend came with its own set of challenges,