Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stop! Breathe and relax!

By its very nature, writing is deeply introspective work.

When in the ‘groove’ writers can easily spend eight to ten hours writing non-stop and when the writing gets good, even more. Now, we all know that making time for writing is important, but being glued to the keyboard for days at a time with no social interaction can certainly wreak havoc on our physical and emotional health. Conversely, lack of physical activity and isolation often contribute to depression, weight gain, and poor productivity.

So what's a writer to do?

While it is necessary for us writers to immerse ourselves in our work we do need to be self-aware and recognize unhealthy triggers. As long as writing has been a profession many well-established authors have held down outside jobs and managed to successfully juggle writing, work and family responsibilities. It is a very delicate balance, but it can be done.

Here are three top tips writers can adhere to for a healthier and happier life:

Take breaks outside of your writing space. This will help you disengage from the writing world for a short while and allow you to recharge.

Exercise can help ward off lethargy and depression it can also help ward off weight often gained during periods of inactivity. So, walk your dog or run on a treadmill physical activity can make you feel better and increase productivity.

Fighting Fatigue
Insomnia or oversleeping affect many of us, and could very well be symptoms of anxiety, stress and/or imbalance. So do not discard interrupted sleep patterns as just simple nuisance, seek professional help as needed.

Bottom line, while the writing lifestyle requires reflection and solitude, writers need to make every effort to include friends and family into their lives. Get off your chair, pull away from the computer, and get face-to-face with people on a regular basis and have fun. Don't dismiss laughter, such fun interactions may even provide you with new writing ideas!

Until next time my friends!