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Busy Week!

This was a busy week: 2/14 Arizona's Centennial, 2/14 Valentine's Day, 2/18 Phoenix Writer's Club monthly meeting where I met fellow Erotica Writer, Lark LaTroy (yes!) and last but not least 2/19 Scottsdale Society of Women Writers workshop...pheww. Amongst other things, I finished one flash fiction story and started a second one.  As reading is concerned I finally finished Predator and began reading The Last Precint by Patricia Cornwell and The 6th Target by James Patterson, yes at the same time ...never thought I'd say that, but yes. I've also been assisting the City of Chandler with compiling stories of centennerians, proofreading, editing, summarizing interviews, an interesting undertaking. Friends, that'll be all for this week...signing off.  Be well!