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'Tis the Season to be Overwhelmed!

Yes, the season to be overwhelmed! Lots of holiday events, gift exchanges and gatherings to attend, oh my! :D Let me take a step back and say a big helloooo since it's been forever since my last post! Okay, so that's a little dramatic it's been less than a month, but it's probably the longest I've gone without posting 'something'. Now, this is not to imply that I've been disconnected, no! Actually it's quite the opposite... First let me give you an update on the MS that I'd submitted to IRN. After all the changes and modifications done the material was still not up to par with IRN's inspirational/sweet romance theme ;-) This is okay - it's all part of the writer's process, you win some, you lose some (so I'm losing more than I'm winning but who's Second, let me say that NaNoWriMo went very well. Not only did I win with over 50K words written, but the experienced I gathered was invaluable. I am a diff