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Confessions of a NaNoWrimo Virgin...

Family/Friends, Day eleven of my first NaNoWriMo journey ever and guess what?  I've managed to maintain the daily word quota necessary to keep me on track. Yay! This hasn't come without it's challenges however. I'll tell you there have been days when I sat there at computer for a half hour just staring at the blinking cursor on the screen, thinking...why did I sign up for this?! Thank God for! All joking aside though, working on NaNo has given me discipline.  Committing to writing 50K by 11/30 puts a lot of pressure on someone :-) So I've made myself sit and type and do what I like to call, 'brain dump'. This is when I just sit and write whatever comes to mind. I can write chapter one, then turn around and write chapter six, I can even write the last chapter and it would still be okay. As you can see I've developed my own system for winning (completing 50K). But I can still certainly use good vibes my way so wish me good luck. Take car