Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spark 4

This week's topic >>> You can't fall asleep.

Below is what I wrote:

There he was again, miserable.

As he listen to the faint sound of the night train roar through the small rural town he tossed once again. As he did, Jon snuggled against the sheets hoping to get more comfortable, although he doubted he could, after all he was a six foot man sleeping on a twin bed. The train continued on through the neighborhood and he wondered just how long the darn thing was, it seemed to have been tweeting for a long time.

He raised his head from the pillow slightly and he patted it with little more enthusiasm than planned and tossed again. He couldn’t fall asleep and he was starting to get cranky, really cranky.

Jon knew that Aunt Gigi had had the best of intentions when inviting him to stay the weekend. Given the fact that she’d just had two days notice of his passing through town, he’d have to give the 70 year-old woman a lot of credit for putting together this makeshift guest room. And that’s all it really was. Gosh he hated to sound like a bad guest, but did Aunt Gigi still think that he was 12 years old?

This twin bed was not cutting it and couldn’t wait for Sunday afternoon to leave the Town of Ajo and head on down to Mexico where they were waiting for him. The more he thought of it the more he didn’t get it. How could modern day folks live in such tiny little cities and towns such as Ajo. There wasn’t’ nothing to do here, nothing and coming from Vegas he knew what big cities were like.