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What I learned from the NPR Raccoon

Move over soaps; forget daytime television shows, here comes the newest hit sensation: NPR Raccoon! When I got wind that a raccoon was climbing the UBS building in St. Paul, Minnesota, I turned to the Internet just like thousands of other people. At first, the raccoon’s notoriety was limited to ogling bystanders, but within a couple of hours cameras were positioned at every angle.   CNN and Fox News and all major networks were covering the mammal’s every move, the hashtag # nprraccoon started trending getting thousands of hits, and then we all held our breaths.  Not knowing much about raccoons, I did a search online to find out what might have driven this furry little creature to act in such a way. One researcher stated, “…not sure if raccoons possess intelligence in a critical thinking way so much as an “insatiable curiosity” which leads them often enough to success.” Very interesting. I’m currently in the throes of writing my next romance book and I need to take