Monday, February 18, 2013

Path of Least Resistance

Hello family/friends,

Over the last few weeks I've come in contact with several old acquaintances and met some new ones and the more I chatted with folks the more I realized that many people out there are living this path of least resistance lifestyle.

Listen, every situation we encounter in life comes with choices. Some choices are small and may not present much impact to others. In this instance the road one chooses is not usually looked upon with much scrutiny. However, when one chooses an alternate route a route less conventional one that causes tension amongst society people generally choose the route that causes the least amount of upheaval. Deep down inside no one really wants to go against the norm, and be scrutinized by their peers, their friends, and their families. Going along with society is usually the least complicated and most comfortable thing to do because it offers the path of least resistance. 

The choice to head down the path less traveled is not easy, we all know this. I’m sure this is not a foreign concept, yet it bears mentioning. Why do you ask? Well as one in the creative arts, I do from time to time encounter the blank stare, the deer in the headlights look when I share my passion with people. And yes, I just like the next person do have that split second reaction to feel awkward. The ‘too much information’ (tmi) moment sets in and you think, “I should have kept that to myself.” But, I’ll tell you an interesting bit of information, those very same people have dreams and aspirations of their own, they are just too afraid to voice it and share with the world. Morale of the story: follow your heart, but keep your feet grounded. If you’re singer sing your heart out, if you’re a dancer dance your socks off, if you’re an actor simply blow their minds. Do your thing! 

Here’s to all my creative family and friends! Be proud of your gifts and don’t be afraid to share them with the world!
That's all for now folks. Until next time!