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10 basic steps to novel writing

Most writers have distinct writing styles and we all develop unique techniques over the years. And yet as particular as most of us are about our writing in general authors do adhere to a few common practices . Whether or not you’re conscious of it all writers follow a natural drafting process. Let’s take a look at a popular process thread among fiction writers: 1. The beginning This is the spark that point of initial idea, the inspiration, that moment when we think, “Hey, this could be a book!”   2. First draft This is the writer’s initial stab at plotting the story from beginning to end. 3. Cool-off period This is when most writers take a little time off (anywhere from a few days to a few weeks) to separate themselves from the book physically and emotionally. 4. Second draft This is when some of the major issues about the story (i.e. plot problems, continuity errors, character development, etc.) are corrected to make the book presentable for a critique par