Friday, December 25, 2020

December 25th -- Days of Self-Reflection


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It's Christmas!

As my previous blogposts indicated, the holiday season provided me an opportunity to do some self-reflection. Below are topics that I wish to share with you -- my readers.

December 4th

What does the holiday season mean to me?

December 11th

What is the driving force in my writer's life?

December 18th

In what area/s do I need to improve self-discipline?

December 25th

What do I wish for today?

After a long year when we've endured so much despair, I think it's only befitting to wish for the Coronavirus vaccine to reach as many people as possible. 

There's a rising concern about the U.S. receiving adequate dosages for all 50 states and surely, with the worldwide demand for the medicine, this is just cause for alarm. However, I trust that local and state governments are taking the necessary steps to ensure everyone who wants a vaccine gets it.

As the vaccine continues to be rolled out cross country I can't help but think about the countless hours spent on developing the serum that promises to save thousands of lives; the scientists and doctors tasked with this colossal undertaking are heroes and miracle workers. 

Friends, this blogpost concludes my Days of Self-Reflection series. Thank you for reading.

I wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday!

PS: please, please wear your mask.


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