Friday, December 4, 2020

December 4th -- Days of Self-Reflection

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Hello friends, 

I can’t believe Christmas is only three weeks away! 

Even after this turbulent year of Covid19 I still think we all have many reasons to rejoice. A vaccine for Coronavirus is just weeks away from being introduced in the U.S., the weather in New York City has been mild so far, and well, the lighting of the Rockefeller Plaza Tree went without a hitch; albeit the celebration was much different than other years. 

Now that the holiday season is officially here, I see an opportunity to do a bit of self-reflection and wanted to share with you – my readers – my thoughts. 

December 4th

What does the holiday season mean to me?

I know this is a cliché statement, but to me, the holiday season is a magical time and for more reasons than simply giving and receiving gifts. The holiday season is a magical time because it seems like we all just hit the pause button to reflect on our blessings. 

The holiday season is also a time to think of others and that, for me, includes the less fortunate. Whether you're making a financial contribution, or volunteering at a shelter, or distributing food at a food pantry (all of which I’ve done in years past) thinking of others is the essence of the holiday season.

Join me in the next few weeks as I continue the theme of self-reflection, please see below:

December 11th

What is the driving force in my writer's life?

December 18th

In what area/s do I need to improve self-discipline?

December 25th

What do I wish for today?


Feel free to share your thoughts :)

Happy holidays!


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