Friday, December 18, 2020

December 18th -- Days of Self-Reflection

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7 days till Christmas folks! 

As my previous blogpost indicated, now that the holiday season is officially here, I see this as an opportunity to do some self-reflection. Below are topics that I wish to share with you -- my readers.

December 4th

What does the holiday season mean to me?

December 11th

What is the driving force in my writer's life?

December 18th

In what area/s do I need to improve self-discipline?

This year I have really struggled with writing. In fact, I found inventive ways to avoid writing altogether: my car's trunk is a mess, I seriously need to re-arrange it, and my bathroom, well I just got it remodeled, surely I need to find the most perfect bathroom accessories, and what about my dear friend in Colorado, for pete's sake, I haven't talked to her in over a month, must call her tonight. many excuses!

So, in what area do I need to improve self-discipline? In the 'butt in chair' routine. The 'butt in chair' metaphor fits perfectly for writers, because that's all we need to do, just sit and write, period. So, my friends, in 2021, I need to ignore impulses to clean, wipe, mop, and reorganize, and just turn on my laptop and write.

On side note, I also plan to post my 2021 reading goals on Goodreads: 12 books in 2021.

December 25th

What do I wish for today?


Feel free to share your thoughts :)

Happy holidays!


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