Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Elevator Ride >>> a short erotic romance story - Part 6 of 7

The Elevator Ride - a short story which was originally published in 2014 - has been converted it into a 7-part series. The 7-part series will be shared as daily blog post each day of this week.



**Disclaimer: This blog post contains adult language and content. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 and may not be suitable for all adult readers. View at your own discretion.**

Mona plastered her body against his and ran her hands up his chest to join her fingers behind his neck. “How about you let me have that cock of yours?” Her lips trailed upwards and the tip of her tongue worked a sensitive spot near his ear.

Girlfriend or not, Rex was no saint, never would be. What was more, he was horny as shit. So when Mona unzipped his pants, it was all he could do not to push her against the paneling and shove his dick inside her with a forceful thrust. Rex held himself in check, kept it cool.

“You really want my cock, don’t you?” His lips brushed her earlobe and Mona shifted restlessly.

“I do,” she said working his buckle loose. “You’re not married, neither am I—no harm in this.” Her voice was throaty, the timbre low and sexy; it was the sort of sound that drove a man wild, in and out of bed.

She pushed his boxer-briefs down and grabbed his hardened staff. Looking at him through a set of lush eyelashes, she moved her fist up and down it. Seconds later, she was on her knees, her ruby-red painted lips wrapped around it, sucking its mushroom head.

“Open wide.” Rex trembled with anticipation as he shoved at her.

Mona submitted, taking his two-inch thick, nine-inch long dick into her hot, cavernous mouth.

His fingers threaded into her thick mane and a rush of heat slammed through his body. The tip of his penis hit the back of her throat and she gagged, but he offered Mona no relief.

Instead, he thrust his hips forward, each time driving a little further, a little deeper. Rex kept his eyes open, watching as Mona continued her feverish ministrations. A blissful orgasm was building. Any minute now…

“Don’t you dare” she shouted, withdrawing her mouth.

Rex stopped moving, stopped breathing. “Jesus Mona, I’m about to come!”

She hitched up her skirt. “I want you inside me.”

The Elevator Ride - Part 7 will be posted on Sunday. Thanks for reading!

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