Saturday, January 18, 2020

Romance, she wrote.

My thoughts in a tumultuous time..

It is said that writers should write what they know, or what they can imagine. In my case, I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing romantic stories, so I’ve been doing just that, writing love stories for ten years now. Some stories were published and flunked, some were published and received praise, some even received awards. And all along the way, I relied on the support and encouragement of other writers in my writing community. But, now that this renowned organization – that was there to support and encourage romance writers – has fallen apart, I begin to question…well, a lot of things.

Not all hope is lost, though.

Most of us have fostered relationships with fellow writers and many of us have our own smaller writing communities, our inner circle: critique partners, beta readers, agents, other writer friends. We need to trust that these relationships will help us though this very tough time in romance writing history.

Hold your writer friends near and continue writing the stories you were meant to write.

Romance writer,


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