Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Writing Takes Center Stage

It's a brand new year...ah the possibilities!

I am thrilled to start this year with a renewed sense of purpose. Already, I started the road back to writing every day, I'm also committed to: journaling, blogging, writing articles and book reviews; all this is sure to keep the creative juices flowing.

As an author I've set daily and weekly writing goals. Below is my Done list:

  • Pulled out the Idea Board
  • Developed a writer's schedule
  • Enlisted an Accountability Partner (AP)
  • Signed up for the 2018 Goodreads Book Challenge

Whatever your goals, set a plan in motion today. Write your plan down then tell your family, your friends, even co-workers. "Why?" you ask. A month from now when life settles back into a routine and the well-intentioned resolutions fall by the wayside, you'll need the accountability factor. So when your neighbor asks "How's the writing coming along?" you'll proudly say, "It's going great!"

Happy Writing!


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