Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Windows to the Soul

In the spirit of love and passion and all those primitive traits that make humans tempting sexual creatures, comes my three-part series: Irresistible Body Parts.

In this three-week series, I’d like to discuss the parts of our bodies that make us so attractive to the opposite sex. Week Three: Eyes. (Note: For those keeping track, yes, I missed my mark of posting this last week, lol).

Our eyes, they are one of the most expressive parts of bodies, they can convey happiness, warmth, love, anger, loss, and despair.

Have you ever flipped through a novel and read about a particular seductress who makes men melt with her gaze? Or, have you heard women talking about a guy whose "bedroom eyes" are enough to make a girl weak in the knees? I think we all have. Maybe that's why in many ways this type of non-verbal communication is more powerful than spoken words.

Take women’s eyes for example. When a woman looks at a man in a certain way, she has his undivided attention, instantly. Over many decades studies have proven that men use the art of eye flirting a little differently, however. When a man looks at a woman's eyes he focuses (whether conscious or subconscious) on her pupils then in the white areas. If a woman's white areas are bright and her eyelashes are thick and long these are excellent indicators of good health. And women in good health have the best chances at reproducing and carrying healthy babies to term (this according to different sources). 

Now, seeing as the eyes pass so much information to the brain each and every second, let's take a look at some important eye mannerisms and what they say about us.

--Glaring eyes intimidate. In males it may immediately trigger fight or flight responses.

--Small constricted pupils indicate lack of interest.

--Lowering the eyes/eyelids indicate modesty and/or submission.

--Frequent blinking during conversation indicates high interest. Some females use a rapid flutter technique to get a man's attention.

--Hooded eyes indicate passion and perhaps sexual interest.

Well, there you have it folks, the conclusion of my three-part series, Irresistible Body Parts.

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