Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Release 10/28! Wicked Lustful Tales, Vol. 1

A sensual romance anthology, Wicked Lustful Tales
Heat level: 3

On a desolate mountain side friends and former lovers Shana & Nick are forced to work together and find their way to safety. Their history and mutual attraction soon prove to be even more dangerous than their treacherous path.  

Charity Event
During a fundraiser friends and office buddies Jennifer and Adam discover that their placid easygoing friendship is much more than a platonic relationship. Before the night is through the two friends make a decision that’s likely to change the course of their lives.

Snowed In
In a foreign city, unwed and pregnant Nina accepts a job as live-in nanny to Dexter’s son Ian. Soon an emotional bond develops between Nina and Dexter and after Nina delivers her baby the smoldering attraction that existed for months threatens to boil over.

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