Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings!


A new year means new beginnings and new opportunities. In my personal opinion, this holds true for all of us no matter where we are in life.

With this in mind, I hope that you take the time to write down a goal or two to accomplish in 2013. If goal setting has proven to be ineffective for you however, then perhaps you may want to change strategies in 2013; choose a word that describes what you hope to draw to yourself in 2013. 

What exactly does this mean? Well, let's say that you want to be more spiritual then you might choose a word such as spiritual or serenity; if you hope to institute better work/life time management you might choose a word such as balance; if you hope to find love you might choose a word such as joy or happiness, etc. In any case, when/if you decide to take on this challenge  keep in mind a few things: habit is easy, change is hard and procrastination can easily set in. So be prepared for life to test you :) Now...get to work on setting a plan for 2013, no time like the present!

Take care for now!
Happy New Year, Maria

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