Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is this a HOLIDAY weekend or NOT?


Last night as I was reading a few pages of The Last Precinct before I went to sleep I heard fireworks go off. At first I thought, am I imagining it? But my husband heard them too, sort of weird, but I guess with the 4th of July being in the middle week this year some of my neighbors have started on the festivities early.

Holiday or not, I'm still working, and yes I know I'm always working. I have to say however, that my work/life balance is much better now than it was several weeks back when I'd be writing 60-70 hours a week, today that has been reduced to about 40 hours dedicated solely to eBooks, with another 10 hours dedicated to blogging/reading books/writing book reviews, emails and miscellaneous writing 'stuff'.

On a side note, as some of you know I've been actively participating in all three of the writer groups I belong to here in the Phoenix area. As a matter of fact I was recently granted a monthly spot on the Phoenix Writer's Club Newsletter as I am their Social Media Coordinator. Just sent in my write up today for this month's newsletter - thanks for Sharon for allowing me to do this!

As a recap of this week's events:

Attended the monthly Desert Rose Writer's Club meeting and was recognized for my eBook publications.
Attended the monthly Scottsdale Society of Women Writers meeting and networked with fellow writers.
Read two erotica romance short stories & wrote up mini-eBook reviews for the authors.
Wrote up the PWC Social Media Corner article.
Self-published third eBook-Snowed In on B&N

Well folks, got to fit in some exercise too, so I'm off to the treadmill for at least twenty minutes.

You guys enjoy your Sunday and until next time!


  1. When kids have the chance to shoot off explosives they will do so as early and often as possible. Don't be surprised if you hear them next weekend too!

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  2. Well, these sounded like the professional type of fireworks, so I was like "hmmm". But yeah, the festivities will be going on for several days apparently :-)

    Take care!


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