Monday, June 4, 2012

eBook Sabbatical :-)


As of this past week, I have made a decision to finally publish an eBook on Amazon - the goal is to have two eBoooks published by 8/31/12.  As such, I will be in hiatus from Erotica Tales for this summer working on content. I have also put the the manuscripts (for two online publishing firms) on hold to focus all my energy into the eBook/s. I will be active on my FB Fan Page throughout, but other forms of Social Media (Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) will be kept to a minimum.

A quick update on recent events:

--Blogging Contest finished 5/28 and it yielded ten more fans on FB and three more followers on my Blogspot (here) along with a few other followers on my site
--Woman's World has sent me the 'thanks but no thanks' letter and although it was disappointing, I'm moving on quickly.
--I have gone back to attending the Romance Writer's of America - Desert Rose Chapter monthly meeting, along with Phoenix Writers Club and Scottsdale Society of Women Writers.

Well, that's all for now folks.

Take care and until next time!

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