Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anxiety & Fear - it's all part of growing.


I've always been aware that in order to grow one needed to take risks, but yet I spent many years of my life shying away from risk, particularly because I was afraid - there I said it!  Yes, mainly afraid of how I would measure up to expectations of family, friends, and peers.  So I fell back, flying under the radar in the ‘safe zone’.   

Fast forward to 2007 and major changes occurred in my life, I took on a job that required me to handle greater responsibilities, a job that required me to mentor others as well.  But how could I do this effectively when I myself needed guidance?  This became a key time for growth and a pivotal time for self-discovery.  No longer was I going to sit on the sidelines and just be a spectator, no; I was going to be an active participant.  I would go on to set attainable goals and strive to meet them.  If I didn’t, I’d rework the plan and start anew. 

Fast forward to present time; though I’d love to say that the last five years have been the most wonderful of my life and that all has been peachy, this is not the case.  The last five years have been the most intense, the most trying and perhaps the most difficult years of my life professionally and personally.  That said however, the last five years have also been the most productive and the most rewarding years yet.  Point in case my writing career may have never gotten off the ground had it not been for my commitment to take risks. 

In closing, I hope that wherever you are in life that you don't take as long as I to realize that in order to grow as a person you may need to make bold choices and make even bolder decisions :-)

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  1. Very well said Maria

  2. Thank Angela for your post. I wanted to view your blog, but couldn't click on your name. Maybe you meant for it to be this way, but figured I let you know either way :-)

  3. You've itemized two of the great innovation generators: Anxiety and Fear. Laziness is the third, but that's different.

    It was Wallace Stevens who wrote that "the imperfect is so hot". ( And it's the imperfect that gives us fear and anxiety.

    I'm glad you're embracing yours!

  4. Hi Kevin - thank you for your comment. I like that..."the imperfect is so hot". I booked marked the blog to peruse later.

    Have a good day!


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