Friday, May 4, 2012

Woman's World Magazine Submission - SO EXCITED!


I am so very excited to inform you that just today I submitted my very first short story to Woman's Day Magazine (WDM) for consideration.  Before I get off course, I want to say a give a big Thank You' to Dixon Hills who told me about the Romance Fiction section in the first place - and yes this is the newspapery type of magazine you see at checkout stands at the supermarket :-D

For those of you who read my stories on, what was submitted to WDM is a "very vanilla' adaptation of the  Seven Year Itch story I posted months ago.  I have to say that the main challenge in redacting the story was not having to take it down from a heat level (scale 1-10) of 5 to 1, but having to condense the story from 2.5K words to 800...800 happens to be WDM's requirements. I DID IT THOUGH!

Now I have to wait and wait and wait.  Estimated time of review at WDM is 1 to 6 months, so I'll be fiddling my thumbs until then...yah right! I have many more stories to write my friends.

That's all for now. Be well and till next time!


  1. I remember in high school how challenging it was for me to meet the "word" requirement. For you to condense your original story, without altering it, now THAT'S a challenge! Great job Maria and Good Luck! :)

  2. Hi Claudia,

    Yah, it was a challenge and awkward at the same time, becasue I felt that some of the important details were beign left out. However, if they're willing to contract me and pay me for 800 words stories, it'd be a hell of a lot easier for me to 'get there' than say some of the other publishing firms that won't even consider reading a story unless the finished manuscript is 30K+ words :-)

    Thanks for your comments and take care!


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