Friday, May 25, 2012

A Long Weekend Ahead :-)


For many Americans this is the first big holiday since New Year's (not many people get Civil Rights or even President's Day off for that matter), so I hope you have fun plans and enjoy the time outdoors with  family and friends.

A quick update about my writing, I have received feedback from three publishers and although all of it has been positive it will require me to revise 75% of my work (each story  is >6K words), needless to say the task at hand is somewhat dauting.  I have, however, taken a couple of days just to think about the best approach and plan on implementing some of my ideas this weekend. 

To those of you who keep up with me (Twitter, FB, this blog, etc.) I truly appreciate it.  You keep my spirits up when the 'doubt bug' creeps in.

Take care and 'til next time!


  1. While you are revising, add a runner in the story somewhere. Women love men with great legs, so I was told.

  2. That's a thought...I should add an athlete somewhere :-) Thx for the idea!


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