Friday, May 11, 2012

End of Week!


As this week comes to an end I can finally exhale...pheww! 

It was a very busy productive week and I must admit that it wasn't even planned, it just...happened.  I'm starting to think that the solar phenomenon we experienced Tuesday/Wednesday may have some weird cosmic effect on my energy level. I say this because as of this morning I have submitted four different stories to five different publishers this week alone, that's a record for me! Not to mention the other blogging I do in between stories and Twitter and get the picture?? Even as I'm writing all this I'm thinking imma crash soon...LOL!

All joking aside though, I am concentrating all my available time to mastering this writing, which has to improve lots if I am to be taken seriously by any reputable publishing firm.  I can at least say that I'm enjoying the ride :-)

In closing, I want to say to all the mother's out there reading this, for goodness sake don't lift a finger this Mother's Day, let someone else do it, okay?  If anyone complaints send them my way..he, he.

Alright folks, you guys have a great weekend and I'll be catching you around soon.

Until next time, be well!

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