Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Secret Cravings Publishing - 2nd Half of My Story


I have been contending with starting the second half of my story for a while. I may add that Secret Publishigs requested it at he end of February.

For a few weeks now, I chucked my procrastination to lack of inspiration, but the truth is much more deep rooted - I'm just afraid; yes, afraid of what the finish product will yield. Last night, however, I decided to push forward and finally finish the story (Love: Hollywood Style) which I hope to submit to Secret Cravings Publishing by 5/1, God willing. There I said it!

For those of you following my stories on www.mywritingden.net you've already read the vanilla adaptation of the first half, the pulbished copy will be much 'juicier'.

Take care and until next time!

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