Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Golden Era of Flash Fiction


Just this week I read an online article that talked about flash/micro fiction. I get excited about this genre of writing because it's what I've been doing for over ten years except that back then there wasn't a label for it other than a 'bunch of unfinished work' :-)

The article went on to say that in Japan flash/micro fiction is very popular as people download quick one page stories to their mobile devices while other writers allow chapters to be delivered in the same manner on a daily basis.  I find this absolutely fascinating and consequently it inspires me to continue to writing in flash fiction format.  It is what I like and what I prefer and now that there are more people than ever who enjoy it and embrace it, the sky is the limit!!

Well, that's all for now.  Be well and until next time!



  1. I have never heard of flash/mirco fiction. Thank you for enlightening me!

  2. Hi Nicole - sorry for the delay in replied, been caught up with manuscripts.

    Until as recent as two years ago, neither had I, but as you can see I am extremely excited to know there's a market for that, cause I got plenty of material :-)

    Take and thanks for keeping up with me.


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