Saturday, April 14, 2012

American Lung Association Walk in Phoenix

Today was the first time in nearly nine months that I took part in a community event.  It not only felt good to do this walk in support of those suffering from lung associated illnesses, but it also felt good for my own health.

Although I'm far from a couch potato or a sedentary person, I am guilty of ignoring important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as daily cardio, water consumption, taking vitamins, etc.  Going forward however, I will be reincorporating the items listed to my daily routine, I think it's important that we treat our bodies with care and respect so that we may live long and healthy lives.

In closing, I encourage every single one of write down your own personal health and fitness goals.  See you at the Finish Line! :-)

Take care and be well!


  1. As far as Personal Health and Fitness, I can say that I am doing "something" to take care of my body. That "something" is running, but I must say that I struggle with what I eat. I love to eat whatever I want. Is that so wrong? I mean, I try to justify my eating habits by telling myself that I can "run it off". At the same time, I feel guilty and feel as though I'm defeating the purpose of my time and effort of my runs. I must say that changing the way you eat is not an easy thing, at least not for me.

  2. Hi Claudia - sorry, but as you can see that I've fallen way behind on my blog interactions. I've been diligently working on my writings and it takes up all of my time.

    To comments on what you said, you are far better off than the average American in that at least you counteract your eating habits with exercise. It is difficult to deprive yourself of food that you love, I should know, I love bread, but these days eat it sparingly.

    Glad to see you are following me and do appreciate your commnents. Be well!


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