Monday, March 26, 2012

YouTube,Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +


Since becoming more active in the Social Media circle, I've been familiarizing myself the myriad of the venues available - it's actually quite mind boggling!

Just a couple of days ago, I created my own YouTube channel ( and was surprised at how easy it was and how much fun I had doing it. As for Twitter (, I've had the account nearly two years, but was not utilizing it.  Since December 2012 however, my followers have quadrupled and my Tweets have gone from 45 to 523 (quite a jump, ah?). Facebook ( is my everyday exposure to fans and potential fans, I keep the page open all day long and post periodic updates.  LinkedIn ( is trailing significantly in my list of priorities but since having to deliver a presentation to the Phoenix Writer's Club on the subject in June, I will need to learn it in depth. I hear Google+ is gaining popularity, so that's next on my 'to do' list.  As for all the other venues out there (Plur, StumbledUpon, etc.) I'll get around to them soon enough, got plenty on my plate for now.

So now, do me a favor...drop by sometime to any of my sites and leave me a note/commentary, always looking for feedback.

Until next well!

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  1. If you have a secret that you don't want anyone to know, post it in Google+ . No one really uses it.


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