Friday, January 27, 2012



In keeping up with my goals for this year, I've been writing every day sometimes for an hour sometimes a lot more.  The investment in time is paying off greatly as I've compared my early stories to the stories I've recently written and I can see a significat improvement. 

Also, just this week I sent a letter of 'promotion' to a select few family and friends.  This was my way of introducing my material to folks who are not yet acquainted with my work.  I will be checking my website on Sunday to see if traffic to the site spiked.  Wish I could have an opportunity like Gov. Jan Brewer...little humor there.

For now, I'm signing off.  Have a good weekend and be well!

PS: This Blogger site looks somewhat different than it the last time I logged in. That's what happens when you turn around for a second :-)

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