Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rising to the challenge

Hello fellow bloggers, this challenge is not a b-i-g stretch for me, after all I do enjoy writing, but for someone who has not consistently written for the past two years regaining some of my inspiration will prove to be the challenging aspect.

So, my first thoughts were…what do I write about? A lot of people say you should write about the things you know, things you can talk about first hand. So then the next logical question is what subject do I stick to: my family?, my friends?, my job?, my co-workers?, my neighbors? Which one is safer? Should I try to be safe? That would be SO me…playing it safe. My manager told me that one time, “You need to stop playing it safe”. Does playing it safe have different meaning to different people? I don’t know, but sure as I know myself I will step out of my comfort zone.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Write about what you feel passionate or excited about, Maria. The words have to flow on its own. Don't worry about getting the exact facts correct. If you find yourself spending time researching on the web, your train of thought will derail. At least that's how I write.


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