Sunday, July 29, 2012

1,000 words a day -- I CAN do this!


For those of you keeping up with me on FB/Twitter you know that I've been struggling with writing the last week and a half, and it wasn't until Thursday of this week that I had a breakthrough, 1,800 words on Thursday, 500 on Friday and 2,000 yesterday.  Needless to say I'm ecstatic, I really needed to get back on the writing saddle as a I have hard deadline for submitting a manuscript to IRN on 8/10.

Today as I powered up my laptop I started thinking about a writing challenge (and yes, I love to challenge myself), a challenge to write 1K words a day. So there it is, starting today I will write 1K words per day. I can do this!!

FYI for to those who may not have read my Maria's Corner article, the eBook Captive in the Game that was originally scheduled to be released on 7/31 has been pushed out to August/September to make room for this IRN projet. Also, as an update, Snowed In my latest eBook was added to Smashwords and Kobo for added distribution channels and already I've seen sales go up, yippey!

Okay folks, that's all for now. You guys have a great Sunday!


  1. You always have my shoutout! You're an amazing mother, wife, writer, friend, and Tia! :)

    1. Sniff, sniff. Thank you so much Jenna. Likewise to you!!

  2. I meant that for the other one, but still getting the hang of this thing hahaha

  3. Ta-Da! All for you, girl, alla my blogs... if I can kiss your deliciousNnutritious feets in Heaven. tok2me when we arrive. God bless you.


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